Articles & By Laws

INDIAN SOCIETY OF ENGINEERING GEOLOGY inaugrated its Articles Section way back in in the year 1965.

   Aim and Objectives
 To promote the study of the subject of Engineering Geology and allied sciences and their application.

 To disseminate knowledge and provide a forum for discussion of all disciplines by holding periodical meetings, seminars and symposia.

 To publish a quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology.

 To accept any gift, donation or subscription towards the fulfillment of any of the objectives of the Society.

 To aid or receive aid from any other Society, Association, Company, Firm, Corporation or person intended to promote any of the objectives of the Society or to subscribe to any fund or Society that the council may from time to time consider deserving.

 To pay out the assets and funds of the Society all costs, charges and expenses incidental to the formation and incorporation of the Society and to the promotion, management and conduct of the business and objectives of the Society.

 To do all such other acts and things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives or any of them.