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ISEG has regularly been organising seminars/ symposia and workshops in different parts of our country focusing on varied subjects of Engineering Geology. The main aim of organising those technical seminars was to promote active technical interactions and discussions amongst the best-available experts and professionals of our country and abroad engaged in different fields of Engineering Geology and Geotechniques. In those congregations, we invite key-note speakers to deliver talks on current and most-relevant technical issues apart from regular theme-based presentations and lectures from speakers from different related fields. All the presented papers are later published as ISEG Proceedings. Apart from the above, in all such conferences, after brain-storming sessions, ISEG compiles and prepares suggestions and recommendations, which guide us in planning upcoming events.

  Previous Symposiums

   4th International Congress of IAEG, New Delhi (10-15th Dec,1982) More

The Society earned the rare distinction by hosting the prestigious 4th International Congress of the International Association of Engineering Geology (presently International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment) at New Delhi on 10-15 December 1982, which was attended by large number of delegates from across the world and almost all major fields of engineering geology and geotechniques were covered.

   Seminar Hydrabad(03-05th Dec,2008) More

The Seminar on 'Challenges in Engineering Geology' at Hyderabad, India, during 03-05, December 2008 is in consideration of the overall thrust on developmental activities, that has opened up new vistas of interest for geological and engineering fraternity. The Seminar aims at providing a forum for exchange of ideas in order to consolidate the state-of-the-art technology in geotechnical engineering and to share development, new findings and technological breakthroughs. The congregation would attempt to provide guidelines for approach to technology in future.

The choice of Hyderabad as the venue for the seminar is in appreciation of the thrust of the Government of Andhra Pradesh on irrigation aggregating 808,000 Ha (20 lakh acres) of command area in the State under its ambitious “Jalayagnam” (Water Worship) Scheme of great societal relevance. This involves construction of about 50 major irrigation projects envisaging several earth dams, concrete dams, canals, tunnels, etc. by the Year 2008 at an approximate cost of Rs. 50,000 crores (500 billion). On this occasion, it is also contemplated to celebrate the 50 years of yeoman service to the nation rendered by the Engineering Geology Division of the Geological Survey of India, Southern Region, Hyderabad.

    List of Papers and Abstracts

   ICUST Bengaluru(17-19th Jan,2011) More

International Association of Engineering Geology and the Environment (IAEG), the Indian Society of Engineering Geology (ISEG) and the National Institute of Rock Mechanics (NIRM), together are organizing an International Conference on “Underground Space Technology” during 17-19 January, 2011. This event will be held concurrently with the “8th Asian Regional Conference of IAEG”.

The main theme of the Conference is underground space technology in mining engineering, civil engineering and infrastructure development sectors. The Conference will address the problems and challenges posed in excavation of underground openings in rock. The target audiences are engineering geologists, mining engineers, civil engineers and all those involved with rock engineering.

    ICUST 2011 Recomendations

   Workshop New Delhi(08th Dec,2012) More

In a bid to provide yet another forum for technical deliberations, the Society is organising a one-day Workshop on Saturday 08 December 2012 at New Delhi. The idea for the event emerges from the ever increasing gap in the demand and supply of power for the nation. The recent unprecedented back to back failures of the northern grid are an eye opener. Such an embarrassing incidence demands that the power output be boosted to a level where it keeps pace with the overall development needs arising out of the population growth of the most populous nation in the world. A thrust on alternative energy resources becomes unavoidable and the Government's 50,000 MW hydropower initiative obviously takes the front seat. It would be prudent to boost the hydropower development through measures like expeditious clearance of hydropower projects, encouraging finances, etc.

Taking cue from the above, the Society is organising its one-day workshop on "Optimizing Geotechnical Investigations for Hydropower Projects". The workshop will offer scope for understanding the Government's stand on the issue, power developers' concerns, free and fair discussions based on case studies, and framing recommendations for expeditious geotechnical clearances.

   National Workshop on ‘Contemporary practices in Engineering Geology and Geohazards’(14th   June,2013) More

ISEG will organise in collaboration with GSI a National Workshop on ‘Contemporary practices in Engineering Geology and Geohazards’ at Hyderabad on June 14, 2013 addressing all the relevant themes. The proposed Workshop assumes great importance at this juncture when the country is going through a hydropower and infrastructure development boom. In this context, the 50,000 MW hydropower initiative of the Government of India is of particular significance.

  Upcoming Symposiums

International Conference on Engineering Geology in New Millennium

ISEG Seminar at Kolkata on July, 2014