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The Executive Council of the ISEG and Team EGCON 2025 take pride in inviting you to join them at the celebrations and to the conference. You are assured of an unforgettable experience at EGCON 2025 and of a unique opportunity of interaction with committed experts from industry and academia from across the globe.

The ISEG is privileged to have hosted IAEG events like the prestigious 4th International Congress of IAEG at New Delhi in 1982; 8th Asian Regional Conference of IAEG at Bangalore in 2011; and Golden Jubilee International Conference EGNM at New Delhi in the year 2015.

Being held at the India Habitat Centre, a state-of-the-art convention centre in New Delhi, EGCON 2025 offers excursions to iconic projects like Bhakra and Tehri Dams, and customised and group tours to explore and experience India.